Functions & Piecewise Quiz

The grades for the first quiz have been put into powerschool. Retakes are permitted for a grade replacement once remediation has been completed.

Any student who scored below a 70 is REQUIRED to complete the following:

-> Get 100% on the Chapter 1 myopenmath assignment

–> Complete the following Khan Academy Assignments (they have already been sent to you, go to your profile and coach recommendations)

  • Find Composite Functions
  • Find Inverse Functions
  • Verify Inverse Functions
  • Graphs of nonlinear piecewise functions
  • Shift Functions
  • Transforming Functions

–> IT is assigned to these students every day until work is completed. All are due by friday 9/23. Quiz retakes should take place on this day also!


Any student who scored above a 70 that wants to retake the quiz:

–> Email me saying that you wish to do so

–> I will then send you the same list of recommendations and requirements

–> Retakes must be completed by 9/24


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Teacher and Coach at Manteo High School and creator of
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