Calculus: Khan Derivatives Project

When you see the list you will freak out. However a lot of these go very quickly. Fight the urge and do the work by hand. It will pay off in the long run.

  1. Derivative as a limit: numerical
  2. derivative as a limit: algebraic
  3. differentiability at a point: graphical
  4. differentiability at a point: algebraic
  5. visualizing derivatives
  6. differentiating linear functions
  7. basic differentiation rules
  8. polynomial functions differentiation
  9. tangents of polynomials
  10. negative powers differentiation
  11. fractional powers differentiation
  12. radical functions differentiation intro
  13. sine & cosine differentiation
  14. differentiate products
  15. product rule
  16. differentiate composite functions
  17. chain rule
  18. differentiate quotients
  19. quotient rule
  20. rational functions differentiation
  21. radical functions differentiation
  22. trig functions differentiation intro
  23. trig functions differentiation
  24. exponential functions differentiation: intro
  25. exponential functions differentiation
  26. logarithmic functions differentiation intro
  27. logarithmic functions differentiation
  28. derivatives capstone
  29. implicit differentiation
  30. derivatives of inverse functions
  31. disguised derivatives
  32. composite exponential function differentiation
  33. second derivatives
  34. L Hopital’s rule
  35. L Hopitals rule (composite exponential functions)

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