Derivative Applications Project

Here is the project to be completed  by your return from Christmas Break:


Khan Academy Derivative Applications: (Already Assigned)

  1. Derivative as slope of curve
  2. Derivative and direction of a function
  3. derivative as slope of tangent line
  4. secant lines
  5. secant lines with simplification
  6. increasing and decreasing intervals
  7. relative minima and maxima
  8. absolute minima and maxima (closed intervals)
  9. absolute minima and maxima (entire domain)
  10. analyze concavity (graphical)
  11. analyze concavity (algebraic)
  12. second derivative test
  13. points of inflection (graphical)
  14. points of inflection (algebraic)
  15. linear approximation
  16. rectilinear motion (differential calc)
  17. related rates intro
  18. related rates (multiple areas)
  19. related rates (pythagorean theorem)
  20. related rates (advanced)
  21. applied rates of change
  22. mean value theorem

And the v2 Sample AP questions on Derivative Applications

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