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Secant Lines

Slope of a Secant Line

Equation of a Secant Line- Example

Average Rate of Change- Example

Tangent Lines

Tangent Slope as the limiting value of secant slope

Derivative as the slope of tangent line

Finding the slope of tangent line using definition of derivative

Definition of Derivative

Intro to Derivatives

Definition of a Derivative- Example

Alternate form of the derivative

Alternate form of the derivative Example

Differentiation and Continuity

Differentiability and Continuity

Identifying where a function is not differentiable

Comparing the graph of a function and its derivative

Drawing the derivative of a function

Differentiation Techniques

Properties of Derivatives

Power Rule

Product Rule-Example

Quotient Rule

Chain Rule

Chain Rule Example 1

Chain Rule Example 2

Implicit Differentiation

Implicit Differentiation Example-1

Implicit Differentiation Example-2

Derivatives of Trig, Exponential, and Logarithmic Functions

Derivative of Sine

Derivative of Cosine

Derivatives of other Trig Functions

Derivatives of Inverse Trig Functions

Derivatives of e^x and ln(x)


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