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2017 AB Calc FRQ Solved!

Here is the worked solutions to the 2017 AB FRQ from this year’s AP test. I will have some printed copies for us to go over in class. Look through and see how you did. 2017 AB Free Response Worked … Continue reading

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Calculus: Integration APPs Project

Here is a short list of Khan Academy practice on our current unit Area between a curve and an x-axis Area between two curves given end points Area between two curves Average value of a function Net change graphical Rectilinear … Continue reading

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Khan Academy Integration Project

Here is the list of practice exercises for you to begin working on. They are already assigned in Khan Academy. Antiderivatives Indefinite Integrals intro Indefinite integrals Indefinite integrals: advanced Indefinite integrals: e^x & 1/x Finding the constant of integration Indefinite … Continue reading

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Derivative Applications Project

Here is the project to be completed ┬áby your return from Christmas Break:   Khan Academy Derivative Applications: (Already Assigned) Derivative as slope of curve Derivative and direction of a function derivative as slope of tangent line secant lines secant … Continue reading

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Calculus: Khan Derivatives Project

When you see the list you will freak out. However a lot of these go very quickly. Fight the urge and do the work by hand. It will pay off in the long run. Derivative as a limit: numerical derivative … Continue reading

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AB Calc Test 1: Remediation

The final scores for the first quiz have been put into power school. Half of the grade was from the multiple choice and the other half was from the free-response. All students who scored below a 75 have mandatory remediation … Continue reading

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Utilizing Metzinger’s Math Website

This website was created to benefit students in all of my classes. It is a work in progress. I have gone through for each course and listed the course topics and organized helpful instructional videos for most of these topics. … Continue reading

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