Video Links

Intro to Conic Sections

Parabola Transformation

Parabola Focus and Directrix

Parabola- Equation from focus and directrix

Parabola- Focus and Directrix from Equation


Intro to Ellipse

Finding the Foci of an Ellipse

Ellipse- Finding the Foci from the Equation


Intro to the Hyperbola

Hyperbola- Determine Direction and Vertices

Hyperbola- Finding foci from equation

Hyperbola- Determine center and vertices not centered at origin

Identifying Conic Sections from Equations

Identify Ellipse from expanded equation

Identify Hyperbola from expanded equation

Identify Parabola/Circle from expanded equation

Polar Conics

Polar Equations of Conics

Polar Equation Parabola- Example

Writing Polar Equation Ellipse- Given Directrix and Eccentricity

Polar Hyperbola- Example

Class Notes

Intro to Conic Sections

The Parabola

The Ellipse

The Hyperbola

Polar Equations of Conic Sections

Extra Practice (Coming Soon)