Triangles and Vectors

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Finding Missing Sides of Right Triangle- Example

Solving for Missing Angles in Right Triangles- Example

Law of Sines-Example 1

Law of Sines- Example 2

Law of Cosines- Example 1

Law of Cosines- Example 2

SAS Area of a Triangle

SSS Area of a Triangle (Heron’s Formula)


Components of a Vector

Calculating Magnitude of a Vector from Graph

Calculating Magnitude of a Vector from Components

Adding and Subtracting Vectors

Graphically Adding and Subtracting Vectors

Vector Operations- Example

Unit Vectors

Direction Angle of Vectors (Quadrant 1 and 2)

Direction Angle of Vectors (Quadrant 3 and 4)

Vector Components from Magnitude and Direction

Vector Applications- Example 1

Vector Applications- Example 2

Vector Applications- Example 3

Class Notes

Right Triangles

Law of Sines

Law of Cosines and Triangle Area

Vector Operations

Vector Applications

Extra Practice (Coming Soon)