AB Calc Test 1: Remediation

The final scores for the first quiz have been put into power school. Half of the grade was from the multiple choice and the other half was from the free-response.

All students who scored below a 75 have mandatory remediation assignments to complete on Khan Academy. All of these assignments are to be completed by 9/30 and you can schedule to retake the test. These assignments have already been sent to you on Khan Academy.

  1. Limits from tables
  2. Limits from graphs
  3. one-sided limits from graphs
  4. continuity at a point
  5. limits of combined functions
  6. limits of composite functions
  7. continuous functions
  8. defined vs undefined limits
  9. limits by factoring
  10. rational function points of discontinuity
  11. limits by rationalizing
  12. limits by using trig identities
  13. limits of piecewise functions
  14. removable discontinuities
  15. unbounded limits graphical
  16. unbounded limits algebraic
  17. limits at infinity of rational functions
  18. limits at infinity of rational functions: radicals

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Teacher and Coach at Manteo High School and creator of manteoathletics.com
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