2017 AB Calc FRQ Solved!

Here is the worked solutions to the 2017 AB FRQ from this year’s AP test. I will have some printed copies for us to go over in class. Look through and see how you did.

2017 AB Free Response Worked Solutions

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Calculus: Integration APPs Project

Here is a short list of Khan Academy practice on our current unit

  1. Area between a curve and an x-axis
  2. Area between two curves given end points
  3. Area between two curves
  4. Average value of a function
  5. Net change graphical
  6. Rectilinear motion (integral calc)
  7. volume of solids with known cross-sections
  8. disk method
  9. washer method
  10. shell method
  11. differential equations intro
  12. slope fields & equations
  13. separable equations
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PreCal Vector Assignment

Here is the list of Khan Academy Assignments for you to complete. These exercises have already been sent to your khan academy account.

  1. equivalent vectors
  2. components of vectors
  3. magnitude of vectors
  4. scalar multiplication
  5. analyze scalar multiplication
  6. add & subtract vectors
  7. graphically add & subtract vectors
  8. combined vector operations
  9. unit vectors
  10. direction of vectors
  11. vector components from magnitude & direction
  12. add vectors: magnitude & direction to component
  13. add vectors: magnitude & direction
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Khan Academy Integration Project

Here is the list of practice exercises for you to begin working on. They are already assigned in Khan Academy.

  1. Antiderivatives
  2. Indefinite Integrals intro
  3. Indefinite integrals
  4. Indefinite integrals: advanced
  5. Indefinite integrals: e^x & 1/x
  6. Finding the constant of integration
  7. Indefinite integrals: sine & cosine
  8. integrating trig functions
  9. definite integral as net area
  10. definite integral from a graph
  11. definite integral properties (graphical)
  12. definite integral properties (algebraic)
  13. Riemann sums
  14. Riemann sums with sigma notation
  15. Trapezoidal rule
  16. Definite integral as the limit of a riemann sum
  17. Functions defined by integrals graphically
  18. Functions defined by integrals
  19. fundamental theorem of calculus
  20. fundamental theorem of calculus: chain rule
  21. evaluating definite integrals
  22. evaluating definite integrals: advanced
  23. area using definite integrals
  24. definite integrals of piecewise functions
  25. u-substitution: indefinite integrals
  26. u-substitution: definite integrals
  27. reverse chain rule
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PreCal Trig functions and modeling assignment

This was the most difficult unit for a lot of you. We are going to simplify it while reviewing to focus on some key parts. The entire group of these Khan Academy assignments will count as a weighted grade.

  1. Midline of sinusoidal functions from graph
  2. amplitude of sinusoidal functions from graph
  3. midline of sinusoidal functions from equation
  4. amplitude of sinusoidal functions from equation
  5. period of sinusoidal functions from graph
  6. period of sinusoidal functions from equation
  7. graph sinusoidal functions
  8. construct sinusoidal functions
  9. modeling w/ sinusoidal functions
  10. sinusoidal models word problems
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Derivative Applications Project

Here is the project to be completed  by your return from Christmas Break:


Khan Academy Derivative Applications: (Already Assigned)

  1. Derivative as slope of curve
  2. Derivative and direction of a function
  3. derivative as slope of tangent line
  4. secant lines
  5. secant lines with simplification
  6. increasing and decreasing intervals
  7. relative minima and maxima
  8. absolute minima and maxima (closed intervals)
  9. absolute minima and maxima (entire domain)
  10. analyze concavity (graphical)
  11. analyze concavity (algebraic)
  12. second derivative test
  13. points of inflection (graphical)
  14. points of inflection (algebraic)
  15. linear approximation
  16. rectilinear motion (differential calc)
  17. related rates intro
  18. related rates (multiple areas)
  19. related rates (pythagorean theorem)
  20. related rates (advanced)
  21. applied rates of change
  22. mean value theorem

And the v2 Sample AP questions on Derivative Applications

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Khan Academy Project: Counting & Probability

This unit has been heavily tested in previous years on the final exam. There will be a lot of practice in the next few weeks on this chapter. In addition to the myopenmath assignment, here is the list of mandatory assignments:

  1. Permutations
  2. Combinations
  3. Permutations and Combinations
  4. Simple Probability
  5. Independent Probability
  6. Dependent Probability
  7. Probability Compound Events
  8. Probability with Permutations and Combinations
  9. Expected Value with calculated Probability
  10. Expected Value
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