Khan Academy Integration Project

Here is the list of practice exercises for you to begin working on. They are already assigned in Khan Academy.

  1. Antiderivatives
  2. Indefinite Integrals intro
  3. Indefinite integrals
  4. Indefinite integrals: advanced
  5. Indefinite integrals: e^x & 1/x
  6. Finding the constant of integration
  7. Indefinite integrals: sine & cosine
  8. integrating trig functions
  9. definite integral as net area
  10. definite integral from a graph
  11. definite integral properties (graphical)
  12. definite integral properties (algebraic)
  13. Riemann sums
  14. Riemann sums with sigma notation
  15. Trapezoidal rule
  16. Definite integral as the limit of a riemann sum
  17. Functions defined by integrals graphically
  18. Functions defined by integrals
  19. fundamental theorem of calculus
  20. fundamental theorem of calculus: chain rule
  21. evaluating definite integrals
  22. evaluating definite integrals: advanced
  23. area using definite integrals
  24. definite integrals of piecewise functions
  25. u-substitution: indefinite integrals
  26. u-substitution: definite integrals
  27. reverse chain rule

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