Discrete Math

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Sequences and Series

Explicit and Recursive Functions

Arithmetic Sequences

Sum of Arithmetic Series

Geometric Sequences

Sum Finite Geometric Sequences

Sum Infinite Geometric Series

Geometric Series Convergence


Intro to the Binomial Theorem

Determine Coefficient for Binomial Expansion

Connection between Binomial Expansion and Combinations




Probability Explained

Determining Probability

Compound Probability of Independent Events

Introduction to Dependent Probability

Calculating Conditional Probability

Probability Through Counting Outcomes

Probability and Combinations

Binomial Probability- Example

Expected Value

Intro to Expected Value- Example

Expected Value- Life Insurance

Expected Value- Lottery Ticket

Expected Value- Fishing

Normal Model

Normal Distribution- 68-95-99.7 Rule

Normal Distribution-Standard Deviation-Modality-Skewness

Class Notes

Sigma Notation

Combinations and Permutations

Binomial Theorem

Arithmetic Sequences and Series

Geometric Sequences and Series

Infinite Series


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